It's all in your head!
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The Imagination Club

Membership CardMembership includes:

1 Membership card officially proclaiming that you are a member in good standing.

1 Piece of art specially chosen for you by the President of the club. A one of a kind. This alone is worth more than your membership dues.

Our annual newsletter with the latest news on club activities and imaginary things.

What is the imagination club?

We all know that reality is what is printed in newspapers. It’s war, politics, failed diplomacy, rape, large sums of money, bad weather – you get the picture. As a matter of fact you get the picture incessantly. It’s in our newspapers, on the radio, the internet, our feeds and along side it are ads. Basically what it comes down to is that reality is really bad news sandwiched with ads to feed our hunger for goods.

The Imagination Club says to hell with that! What if what you imagined was true? What if you could create things that you imagined? Or more simply stated, what if your imagination could become real?

Well, I have no false hopes. The imagination as we know it is just a child’s plaything. Science has already proven that synapses in the brain stimulated by external perceptions project pictures on our retinae. In other words reality is just messing with our brains. The imagination can easily be proven to be cellular and take place in small spaces and particles within our cerebral landscape.

My fantasy is to project that inner landscape to the outer. To artistically cast it to reality and thereby change the actual. But in reality this is but a dream, a pipe-dream. The Imagination Club is a club of dreamers. That’s it in a nutshell. Nothing but and nothing more. Is it right for you?

To join:

If you are an artist send us your name and address and you will receive your membership card and piece of art in the mail.

If you are not an artist send along a check for $500 made payable to The Art Life, Inc. and you will receive your membership card and piece of art in the mail.

Newsletters will arrive upon completion on an annual basis.



Sight and Sound
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Mickey and Minnie Mouse photo

According to June Wulff of the Boston Globe, “Robert Castagna and Ksenia Mack married in 1999 and covered 8,000 American miles on their ‘joneymoon’.” This was part of her write up to support our exhibition of sight and sound late last year and can be found at Mickey and Minnie.

When I first read this I was like WTF! Then I noticed the quotes around “joneymoon” and looked back at the email I had sent her from my iphone. There it was! I had misspelled the word “honeymoon” in my rush to provide her with information to make the deadline. This Freudian slip was then picked up by her and used. But what does it mean?

It’s a contraction of two words: “journey” and “honeymoon”. It’s meaning is a honeymoon taken by a couple that turns into a life-long journey. Since our “joneymoon” of 8,000 miles we have since taken a myriad of road trips, covering all the states and have made these voyages a key part of our philosophy of existence. Enjoying the road as we go, often with no destination or planned arrival.

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