Ksenia Mack and Robert Castagna

Lost in Thought

While at Ristorante Olivio in Arlington we decided to discuss our upcoming exhibition and the collaboration of two art forms. Robert: So we have a show coming up, a collaboration. Ksenia: It is a collaboration. It was your idea to put a little stick of dynamite under my copious cheeks and say, “You are going […]

Music is a Language

This is the first in our soon to be regular recorded discussions on art and the art life.  The below was recorded at Addis Restaurant in Cambridge Massachusetts over wine and dinner. We hope you enjoy it! Robert: We are at an Ethiopian Restaurant in Cambridge. What’s the name of this Restaurant? It’s called Addis. […]

The Road Journal

Since life is in fact a journey, the road journal is pertinent to all living and adventure, but on the road it becomes that quintessential document of art and idea. Artist journals reveal the processes of inspiration and creation while acting as art in themselves. They are a time-track memory of the artist’s life and […]

T-Model Ford

There are a lot of elements that go into art and one of them happens to be authenticity. Being true to who you are. I ran into authenticity while at the crossroads of the blues in Clarksdale MI recently. Heading over the tracks to check out a juke joint I was stopped by a man […]