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Ksenia and Robert

The Art Life was the idea of Ksenia Mack and Robert Castagna. A husband and wife team that both use the arts to create their economic engine and their creative lifestyle. Ksenia is a singer/songwriter who performs at local and faraway venues both as a solo performer and as a member of the Porch Party Mamas. In addition she is a guitar teacher. Robert is a photographer and visual artist. He photographs events throughout the Boston area and his art work is represented by Rolly-Michaux Gallery. He has routine exhibitions of his work in galleries and museums.


Ksenia Mack and Robert Castagna of Boston Art Life

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Sight and Sound
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Mickey and Minnie Mouse photo

According to June Wulff of the Boston Globe, “Robert Castagna and Ksenia Mack married in 1999 and covered 8,000 American miles on their ‘joneymoon’.” This was part of her write up to support our exhibition of sight and sound late last year and can be found at Mickey and Minnie.

When I first read this I was like WTF! Then I noticed the quotes around “joneymoon” and looked back at the email I had sent her from my iphone. There it was! I had misspelled the word “honeymoon” in my rush to provide her with information to make the deadline. This Freudian slip was then picked up by her and used. But what does it mean?

It’s a contraction of two words: “journey” and “honeymoon”. It’s meaning is a honeymoon taken by a couple that turns into a life-long journey. Since our “joneymoon” of 8,000 miles we have since taken a myriad of road trips, covering all the states and have made these voyages a key part of our philosophy of existence. Enjoying the road as we go, often with no destination or planned arrival.

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